Mission: Budget - Completed

All the hard work on the budget has paid off! In a special meeting on June 13th, 2012, the council voted 5-2 in favor of the new city budget.  I want you to know how the police department turned out on its budget.
As you know, there were three main areas of focus for me on the budget this year; wages, uniforms, and body armor. I can now say we made improvements in all three areas! The wage increases have given us the opportunity to compete with agencies of similar size. Although there are many agencies, especially the larger ones, with which we cannot compete I would say that Cordell is one of the best places of its size to work. We are continually supported by the residents of Cordell which keeps us on the cutting edge of technology and now has us on the cutting edge of wages.
As far as our request for new body armor, the first draft of the budget did not include the funding. Councilman Steve McLaughlin made the observation during the budget workshop and made mention to the rest of the council that body armor was a priority. Although no vote needed to be taken, I felt each councilmember agreed that body armor should be included in the police department budget. After a short conversation, the decision was made to fund our request. We thank the council for considering and accepting the additional funding for the body armor.
Our uniform budget saw no increase since none was necessary. However, I have made the necessary policy changes required to shift the primary responsibility of uniforms from the city to each officer. As I had mentioned before the city will provide an initial set of uniforms to each officer. Each officer would then be responsible for the care and maintenance of the uniforms. Every year the officers will be given a uniform allowance to repair, replace, or add sets of uniforms. This method of uniform policy will reduce the cost to the city by over 50% and prevent surplus, mismatched police uniforms.
On Wednesday our officers were measured for the new body armor and new uniforms. We expect to have them in by the end of July. Once our uniforms arrive I will be posting some pictures. I was more than satisfied with the new look and feel of the uniforms selected. They are comfortable and look sharp!
In closing, I would like to thank this community for the support we are receiving. We cannot thank you enough! Until next time – stay safe and God bless!